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Our technology partners help us deliver the best possible service to our clients



Appfolio is one of the most dynamic property management platforms available, giving our clients and tenants alike access to real-time information about their accounts. From digital rent payments to online listings, Appfolio provides tools that keep us connected at the click of a mouse.



Investors often worry about the financial stability of their real estate investments; this is where SureVestor comes in and helps bridge the gap. SureVestor's Scheer Landing Protection packages serves as a financial safecheck. Don't let lost rent, evictions, or damages hit you where it hurts. Learn how SureVestor can keep you protected.



When it comes to keeping your finances in check, you don't want just anyone handling your business. We partner with APOKARADOKIA for all of your accounting and tax prep needs, ensuring none of your needs are left unaddressed. Breathe easier with the professionals on your side.

Property Meld

Property Meld

Maintenance is easily one of the most important parts of your property's day-to-day care. When a repair issue sits unaddressed, the risk for long-term financial costs skyrockets. Tenant satisfaction also drops, leading to higher turnover rates and additional expenses. Property Meld helps us coordinate repairs quickly & keep your home in great shape.

Filter Easy


Changing out HVAC filters is one of those annoying tasks everyone knows they should do, but few remember to actually handle. FilterEasy makes it easy for our tenants, with regular delivery of new filters. Not only is this convenient for renters, but it helps extend the lifespan of our client's HVAC systems.